Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How can I find out other field locations where my daughter might play?
A. http://hwgirlssoftball.com/faq/field-location/

Q. Do you have a snack stand?
A. Yes, along with a grill for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.

Q: Can girls who do not live in Hawthorne play in the league?
A: Yes, everyone is welcomed!

Q: If I have a problem or a complaint during the season, whom do I talk to?
A: You should direct your issues to your daughter’s manager. Next in line would be the division commissioner.

Q: Am I required to participate in the fundraisers?
A: Yes. We encourage all parents and players to participate. This helps keep the fees low! As an alternative to participating in the fundraiser, the league is offering a “buy out” fee of $40.